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Holiday USA 2010

Day 1 : Houston without a problem

Thursday 22nd July 2010

The flight was bumpy , our pilot dodging small storms most of the way. Our arrival in Houston was greeted with 90 degree temp but overcast skies.
we chose our hire car from a row of SUV's a joint decision from Ian on luggage & min on back seat bum comfort. We settled on a red Ford something or other & set off, Maureen the sat nav lady had a flat battery & it was almost a disaster when dispite Ians best efforts the charger refused to work..fortunately he saved the day by realizing he had plugged the wrong plug in Doh!

Here we are, In Fuddruckers its 1am ( your time ) we are tucking into our traditional 1st night burger.

The view from our room in the Hilton NASA is great.. clear across the Lake.
We are sleepy now ...............goodnight !

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